Low-Maintenance Optimized Seafood Holding and Display Tanks

Low-Maintenance Optimized Seafood Holding and Display Tanks

Worried About Low Wholesale Lobster or Seafood Prices?

If your revenues depend on wholesale lobster and/or seafood prices, we sympathize first hand with how scary that can be.

With short seasons and rumors and/or concrete indications of potential market manipulation in markets that might include LIBOR, currencies and commodities, who can blame lobstermen and other smart players in the seafood supply chain for staying up at night worrying about having to sell at the wrong price at the wrong time.

What’s the solution? A Lobster Systems tank, while not a fix-all for market uncertainty, may be able to play a critical role in your strategy:

Our proven, unique, Lobster Systems style tanks allow you as a business owner the flexibility to sit on your product a long, long time in relative confidence as compared to other tank systems.

We have business owners in our exemplary fleet of reference accounts who claim (we’re not sure whether they exaggerate a bit but we get their point nonetheless) to HAVE NEVER LOST A SINGLE LOBSTER IN FIFTEEN YEARS of Lobster Systems tank usage.

While you may not want to sit on your product for 15 years, we want to suggest that it may be a good time to invest in redoing or upgrading your systems in the style of our proprietary Lobster Systems style tanks so that you can have the confidence to sit on your product a few weeks until the price goes up to a level you’re comfortable with.

Of course this analysis above ignores the hundreds of many hours of labor you might save by not having to change the tank water, purge lobsters, etc., nor does it take into account the money you may save as the result of decreased mortality rates, so stay tuned for future “blog” posts in which I will try to also examine those factors in detail and perhaps put real dollar calculations onto some scenarios that we’ve seen time and time again in our customer base as we’ve seen customers invest in tanks over the years and receive tremendous return-on-investment payoffs related to these two factors alone apart form potentially increasing their average wholesale price at time of sale through smarter, more-confidence inventory management.

In all humility we want to thank you for visiting our site and reading our thoughts. If we sound proud it’s because we’re proud of our history and the service we provide to our customers and the technology we’ve learned to apply to the task as opposed to proud of ourselves so please pardon our enthusiasm if at times we sound sure of ourselves.

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