All we want you to do is put lobsters in the tank and take lobsters out of the tank- that’s it.

About us


At Lobster Systems, our staff is comprised of marine biologists and water filtration engineers which gives us a major advantage over our competition. Our extensive knowledge gives us the ability to fully understand the natural nitrogen and oxygen cycles for all marine life just like mother nature intended.


Our custom priority lobster tanks start at 400 GL and go up to to 500,000 GL. Our lobster holding tanks require no purging, no water changes and only annual routine maintenance.


Our 30 year commitment to filtration engineering translates into sea animal tanks that produce the healthiest and best tasting live seafood you can experience.


Our 300+ perfect references are a testament to our success and allows you peace of mind when evaluating lobster or seafood tanks. No water changes needed, tanks are designed for simplicity: all we want you to do is put lobsters in and take them out- that is it and no purging of lobsters.


In 10 years I have not lost one lobster using the Lobster Systems tank

Joe Golter

Lobsterman, Golter Lobster LLC - March 21, 2014

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